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Unique Escape

The hidden gem holiday escape.

Euphoria Art Land is a most unique innovative and diverse holiday escape, offered for relaxing holidays set right in the center of nature.

Three unique houses were built to combine multicultural elements and organic bioclimatic architecture with natural cooling and lighting. Made as art from recycled materials, they are available for rent to those who wish to escape in a dreamy world of colours and stylish decor.

The surrounding biodiverse environment, blends right in, undisturbed and peaceful, with the elegant sculptures, mosaics and houses that artist Anthos Myrianthous designed.

Euphoria is the new hidden gem holiday escape.

The Earth House

A small house with mainly Ethiopian and other African characteristics. The natural materials and organic forms with the handmade decorative details bring a sweet nostalgia from the past. Tree barks, natural wood, coloured glass bottles that let the light in, river rocks, ceramics, other recycled materials along with hand weaved textiles and beautifully hand-carved wooden doors with African motifs were used to complete the building.

The Colour House

Airy glass openings among a cluster of organic forms, with details from Mexico and Colombia, give this colourful house a special, enchanted uniqueness. It’s the perfect setting for an upbeat and positive attitude. The inside of the house combines Latin American decoration details set in a bright colourful environment.

The Blue House

This majestic house is covered with impressive colourful mosaics bringing together the exotic worlds of Morocco and India. This new world of the «Blue House» inspired from the turquoise colours of the peacock takes the guest to a body and soul supernatural and harmonious journey.

Body & Soul

The Euphoria Body & Soul

An ideal and unique space that wakes up all the senses and takes you riding into a dreamy enchanting world, while enjoying a relaxing massage by our dedicated staff.
The Euphoria Body & Soul is located in an elevated Balinese style gazebo feeling the dew of the large eucalyptus and breathing its healing aroma. It is surrounded by ponds with goldfish, exotic water plants and various colours of tropical water lilies and lotus plants. Bamboo, as well as other semi-tropical plants, complete the enchanting journey, while natures sound lead you to an unreal world full of positive energy.

An ideal and unique space that wakes up all the senses and takes you riding into a dreamy enchanting world, while enjoying a relaxing massage by our dedicated staff.

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76 Vasilikon,Pyrgos 4529,
Limassol, Cyprus

+357 97743042

+357 99687951

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