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Euphoria Art Land

Euphoria ArtLand is a most unique innovative and diverse holiday escape, offered for relaxing holidays set right in the center of nature.
Three unique houses were built to combine multicultural elements and organic bioclimatic architecture with natural cooling and lighting. Made as art from recycled materials, they are available for rent to those who wish to escape in a dreamy world of colours and stylish decor.

The surrounding biodiverse environment, blends right in, undisturbed and peaceful, with the elegant sculptures, mosaics and houses that artist Anthos Myrianthous designed.
Euphoria is the new hidden gem holiday escape.

The Earth House

A small house with mainly Ethiopian and other African characteristics. The natural materials and organic forms with the handmade decorative details bring a sweet nostalgia from the past. Tree barks, natural wood, colored glass bottles that let the light in , river rocks, ceramics, other recycled materials along with hand woven textiles and beautifully hand carved wooden doors with African motifs were used to complete the building. Artistic photographs, original statues and other decorative objects from the African continent complete the decoration of the ‘Earth House’. The ‘Earth House’ has a small kitchen, an exclusive bathroom and an attractive loft with a private balcony overlooking the unique gardens and the colorful mosaic pathways.

The Colour House

Airy glass openings among a cluster of organic forms, with details from Mexico and Colombia, give this colourful house a special, enchanted uniqueness. It’s the perfect setting for an upbeat and positive attitude. The inside of the house combines Latin American decoration details set in a bright colourful environment. All the furniture is handmade with natural and recycled materials. At the same time colourful root like forms embrace the whole house creating magic scenery.The «Colour House» has a small kitchen, a bathroom, a double bed, made with recycled materials, a Mexican dining table with Mayan designs and a small cosy loft.

The Blue House

This majestic house is covered with impressive colourful mosaics bringing together the exotic worlds of Morocco and India. This new world of the «Blue House» inspired from the turquoise colours of the peacock takes the guest to a body and soul supernatural and harmonious journey. Handmade household and decorative items, together with native art pieces are all over the ground floor with the kitchen, bathroom and the sitting area. On the first floor ,there is a double bed and side tables that are decorated with images of the Indian female beauty. There is a beautiful balcony covered with mosaics that leads to the small roof garden.  Watching the sun rising overlooking the gardens will give the guest a  mysterious sensation.

The Euphoria Body & Soul

An ideal and unique space that wakes up all the senses and takes you riding into a dreamy enchanting world, while enjoying a relaxing massage by our dedicated staff.
The Euphoria Body & Soul is located in an elevated Balinese style gazebo feeling the dew of the large eucalyptus and breathing its healing aroma. It is surrounded by ponds with goldfish, exotic water plants and various colors of tropical water lilies and lotus plants. Bamboo as well as other semi-tropical plants complete the enchanting journey, while natures sounds lead you to an unreal world full of positive energy.


The Earth House


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A small house with mainly Ethiopian and other African characteristics.

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The Color House


Winter Special Price

A small house with details from Mexico and Colombia.

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The Blue House


Winter Special Price

A small house with details from exotic worlds of Morocco and India.

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Creativity takes courage

The Artist

Anthos Myrianthous

Interior Designer / Founder

He was born in 1966 in Limassol, Cyprus.
From a very young age he was interested in painting, sculpture, dancing, theater, gardening and creating art objects from mainly recyclable materials he would find in nature.
He studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and was awarded a Masters (Hons) in Fine Arts in the department of Interior Architecture.
He teaches Interior Design in different Public Schools in Cyprus and is also an active member in many different cultural and nonprofit organizations.
He is the founder of the Non-Profit Organization “Artanthos” and the creator of “Euphoria Art Land”.

Anthos Myrianthous

Location and Position

The Euphoria Art Land project is located under a steep rocky hillside, next to a cool stream and very near to the beach. It is situated just a few kilometers from the town of Limassol and a breath away from the nearby traditional villages.

The surrounding grounds of the Euphoria Art Land comprise  the natural beauty of the eucalyptus trees, the biodiversity of the gardens that host both Mediterranean and tropical trees alongside herbs and other plants.

Manmade lakes with water lilies and lotus plants are in a harmonious embrace with the various beautiful cactus gardens. The guests will discover in Euphoria Art Land,  a unique coexistence of nature’s diversity of this planet that may not be found in other places in the world.

The environmentally built up area was created with never-ending  love, tons of positive energy and an endless passion  for art.  Naturalistic  and multicultural elements are everywhere and intermix intensively with bright colors in diverse designs both on the inside as well as the outside of the structures. Unprecedented feelings and euphoria conquer the hearts of the guests.


The Euphoria Art Land offers special experiences to make everybody forget about their daily routine.

The diversity of its nature and the unique architecture of its beautifully built up area offer  the guests an opportunity for  body and soul  research, self knowledge, personal improvement and innovative creativity that can be achieved through any of the thematic workshops, clinics and other professional seminars.

The Euphoria Art Land is also the perfect romantic getaway.

Multicultural houses

The three autonomous little houses, unique for their architectural style and multicultural decoration will take the guests on a  journey through nature, colors and traditional  organic designs. Its a playful game of exciting experiences that take the guests to Ethiopia, Morocco, Latin America and India, giving them a unique magic vacation, away from the reality of everyday life.

Such thing are good enough

Game plan ground

When a naked man’s chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher,
clearly, someone who believes he is above the law.

Everything you can imagine is real

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