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The Euphoria Art Land project is located under a steep rocky hillside, next to a cool stream and very near to the beach. It is situated just a few kilometres from the town of Limassol and a breath away from the nearby traditional villages.

The surrounding grounds of the Euphoria Art Land comprise the natural beauty of the eucalyptus trees, the biodiversity of the gardens that host both Mediterranean and tropical trees alongside herbs and other plants.

Manmade lakes with water lilies and lotus plants are in a harmonious embrace with the various beautiful cactus gardens. The guests will discover in Euphoria Art Land,  a unique coexistence of nature’s diversity of this planet that may not be found in other places in the world.

The environmentally built-up area was created with never-ending love, tons of positive energy and an endless passion for art.  Naturalistic and multicultural elements are everywhere and intermix intensively with bright colours in diverse designs both on the inside as well as the outside of the structures. Unprecedented feelings and euphoria conquer the hearts of the guests.



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76 Vasilikon,Pyrgos 4529,
Limassol, Cyprus

+357 97743042

+357 99687951

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